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TBE 7110+
TBE classic
Telefonbuch-Editor 7110+

supports Nokia 7110, 6210, 6310, 6310i, 6250, 6230 and more!

The Telefonbucheditor 7110 is designed to read the extended phonebook from a Nokia 7110 / 6210, edit it and write it back to the phone.

The phonebook can be read out and written back completely including caller-groups, number-types, notes, email-addresses, speed dials and so on. Therefore it can be used to save the most important data for example before a software-update. Furthermore data can be exported and imported (reg. users only) as *.csv-files.

IMPORTANT: As long as you did not register, only 3 subentries per name can be written into the phone. After a registration this can be depending on the phone up to 5 numbers, 2 texts and 1 callergroup (total: 8).

Also the short-messages can be read out, edited and written back comfortably on the PC, including the folder-feature of these handsets. Picture-messages of the 6210 are supported as well.

Send your SMS directly from your PC! Using the new saveable recipientlists, your mass-SMS (e.g. on christmas or on new year) is no problem any more!

Furthermore the calendar data can be read out, edited and written back to the phone. All calendar-features provided by the phone are supported.

Now even the WAP-bookmarks are supported by TBE7110/6210! No need to type them in on the phone in an annoying procedure, just handle them on your PC!

This program requires no additional software, only a DAU-9P or a DLR-3 cable (and, of course, a Nokia 7110/6210/6310(i)) is needed for operation. Support via IR is planned, but I still have huge technical problems accessing IRDA-drivers from delphi and switch the 7110 in FBUS-mode :-(... So if anyone has got an idea any help would be appreciated ;-)...
Since release 0.9.23 bluetooth connection to 6310i with firmware 5.50 or newer is available via virtual COM-Port.

Read the release-notes before connecting your phone (press [F1] when the software is running)!

This program is still beta and provided "AS IS", without any guarantee regarding function, features or data safety. The user is alone responsible for any damage to data, telephone soft- and hardware resulting from usage of this program. Under no circumstances will the author held responsible for any consequences that result from the usage of this program!

Furthermore this program is shareware, what means that you may evaluate it free for 30 days to determine whether it meets your requirements. If you want to use it for a longer period, you have to register. Information about that is given in the menu-item "Register" within the program.
For a commercial license please contact me at registration@telefonbucheditor.com.

Private users kindly use the ShareIt! Registration Service (program ID: 133520).

If you want to keep informed about new releases of the Telefonbucheditor7110, then join the Newsletter "tbe7110@egroups.com", either by sending an e-mail to tbe7110-subscribe@egroups.com or via the Egroups-Website...

If you want to discuss with other users and the author about the program, then join the Mailinglist "tbe-support@egroups.com", either by sending an e-mail to tbe-support-subscribe@egroups.com or via the Egroups-Website...

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